Conditions for participation

By completing the registration you agree to all listed conditions of participation!

If you have any questions about the conditions, please call us on +41 43 541 56 02. If you are really completely ill or injured on an appointment, we always try to find a fair solution.

1. services of

The services of depend on the booked service package.

2. payment

The participation fee depends on the booked service package. The participation fee must be paid in advance. The date of payment will be communicated in time by letter or email.

3. non-appearance and withdrawal after participation

The participant may terminate participation in the course in writing up to the beginning of the course, stating an important reason. An illness or injury that prevents participation and is certified by a doctor is considered an important reason. The certificate must be enclosed with the notice of termination, but must be submitted within 5 days of the notice of termination at the latest. If the course is cancelled by the participant at least three weeks before the start of the camp, a 25% cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellations made within the last three weeks or on the day the course commences are subject to a 35% cancellation fee. There is no right to a refund of the participation fee in the event of non-appearance without excuse at the beginning of the fiefdom.

If the course is terminated due to illness or injury or is excluded from the course, the participation fee will not be reimbursed proportionately. can cancel the agreement or refuse its service if the participation fee has not been paid at the beginning of the course. In the event of termination, the customer is entitled to the above cancellation fee of 35%.

In the event of non-appearance due to illness or injury or cancellation at, the participation fee will not be refunded pro rata.

4. duties of the participant

The participant automatically becomes a member of FC Oerlikon / Polzei ZH. If the participant does not book another course or is not directly integrated into the association, he loses the association membership after at least one year.

The participant is obliged to follow the instructions of the trainers. In the event of repeated or gross violations of the instructions, the participant may be excluded from the course. In this case, the legal guardian is obliged to pick up the participant immediately from the course.

The legal guardian assures that the participant has health and liability insurance, is fully fit for sport and physically healthy and does not suffer from any contagious illness. In particular, it informs of the participant’s obligation to take certain drugs as well as relevant allergies of the participant. He further declares that the participant has up-to-date vaccination protection against tetanus at the time of the course.

In case of slight injuries to the participant that occur during the course, the parent or guardian agrees that the participant will be cared for by the carers.

5. right to one’s own picture and passing on of personal data

The participant and his legal guardian agree that images and/or video recordings made by the participant during the course may be published by without complete name assignment within the framework of advertising and other PR measures.

This includes in particular the posting of images on and the online gallery Flickr as well as the posting of course videos on the youtube channel.
Furthermore, the participant and his legal guardian agree that the contact details of the participant may be used for an address list and may be sent to the other participants in justified cases.

The participants and legal guardians agree that personal data may be stored and passed on to those responsible for the association. This also includes data from football tests, such as shooting speed or measurements in speed competitions.

6. liability

The liability of for damages from injury to life, body or health, which is based on a negligent or intentional breach of duty of or a legal representative or vicarious agent of, is unlimited in terms of reason and amount.

For other damages, which are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by or a legal representative or vicarious agent of, the liability of is also unlimited in terms of reason and amount. is not liable for damages caused by a negligent breach of duty by or a legal representative or vicarious agent, unless it is a violation of cardinal obligations. The liability for damages resulting from the violation of cardinal obligations is, however, limited to the compensation of the damage foreseeable and typical for the contract at the time of conclusion of the contract. “Cardinal duties” are those whose fulfilment makes the proper execution of the contract possible in the first place, and on whose compliance I can regularly rely.

It is hereby expressly pointed out once again that and/or its legal representatives or vicarious agents are not liable for damages for which they are not responsible. This applies, for example, to damages resulting from the foreseeable dangers of sport when observing the general sporting rules or which are caused by misconduct of other participants, provided that this misconduct is not based on a violation of the duty of supervision by or a legal representative or vicarious agent of

This limitation of liability also expressly applies to lost and/or damaged valuables and equipment.

The accident risk is included in the basic insurance of private health insurance. The Interessengemeinschaft Zürcher Sport-Ferienlager IGZF and the Sportamt der Stadt Zürich, reject any liability for accidents.

7. cancellation of events and force majeure

The implementation of the camp requires that a sporting competition can be simulated. It is a prerequisite that at least 30 participants participate in the football school. In the event that this minimum number of participants is not reached by registration at the latest 4 weeks before the football school, the event will not take place. will inform the participant immediately about the camp failure and immediately refund any payments already made.

Force Majeure

In the event that the camp, essential parts of the camp or individual days of the camp due to force majeure (e.g. storms or unplayability of the places) can not or not take place as agreed, reserves the right to replace the owed services with alternative services (e.g. alternative hall), which are reasonable for the participant.

If alternative services are not available or not available without significant additional costs, the camp, essential parts of the camp or individual days of the camp can be cancelled. will inform the participant immediately about the corresponding cancellation. Any payments already made will be refunded immediately, with a gross refund of CHF 20 per cancelled camp day. A refund is not possible if the parties agree on an alternative date.